GDRFA-Dubai launches customer happiness index

The GDRFA has launched a customer happiness index to measure customers' satisfaction level with its services. The Directorate has installed devices at the Dubai International Airport Terminal, which enable customers to share their satisfaction and dissatisfaction at three levels with the services and performance of staff. After signing for the index, customers get the option of selecting their satisfaction level.

The new initiative is under a trial for three months after which it will be developed further for installation at the two international airports and ports of entry in the emirate. The system allows the GDRFA-Dubai to generate daily and monthly reports to analyze the quality of and satisfaction with the services provided to the customers.

An overwhelming 98 percent of customers expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by the GDRFA-Dubai in a Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by it during GITEX-2013. This year, GDRFA-Dubai intends to raise the level of customer satisfaction level to 100 percent.


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